Thaimid Service include but not limited to

Product Trading & Sourcing

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Obtaining goods and services from overseas can reduce costs and improve the bottom line of your company but there are risks involved. In fact, an improperly handled business deal with a product source can lead to lost profits that in extreme cases could harm the company’s ability to operate.

Travel time and costs arranging and managing the product or service source can erode any or all cost savings. There may also be dangers to placing staff temporarily or permanently in foreign countries. There are also additional risks associated with doing business outside your normal business culture and environment. Do you know who to deal with and what to expect when talking to a potential sourcing partner in a Thailand? You don’t have to face these problems alone. THAIMID provides services and expertise to minimize these risks for your benefit.

THAIMID provides product sourcing project management services that help keep any sourcing project smooth and profitable.

Services vary depending on the needs of your company:

  • Understanding your needs & requirements
  • Locate providers
  • Negotiate rates and costs
  • Provide currency conversions
  • Monitor production and maintain quality

•    Arrange to have the goods delivered


Logistic and Packaging is the one stop station solutions for your industrial packaging needs. Our product range spans all types of packaging containers, box pallets and boxes manufactured at the highest level of quality. We offer both standard and customized solutions for your transportation and storage needs in which you can browse.

We provide freight management services to importing and exporting company from Thailand. As we are not affiliated to any carriers and airlines, we are able to ensure that only the best rate and turnaround service are provided to our clients.  

We are able to support the entire shipping management for our clients




We highly appreciate to provide you OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) by our experience in the loop of this business for many years. We are ready to consult with the customer about planning once customer provides us with concept information and detailed specifications. We will notify them of the total cost for design, prototyping, and estimated cost per unit before the project begins.

Buying Agency / inspection & monitoring

Within our group of senior management consultants, we provide international business related services to our global buyers and THAI & ASIAN suppliers / manufacturers.

Third party sourcing, monitoring & QC inspection service to our clients is to help them import directly from reliable and competent manufacturers is our passion in which good and fruitful contracts are completed smoothly and safely between our clients and business partners .We love to keep our eyes open to control & manage all contracts to reach the goal and most important is the clients full satisfaction.

We are assisted by a very educated and dedicated team of trained professional in various functional areas namely , international marketing , branding , sourcing , supplier evaluation & reporting , compliance , documentation , quality control , international logistics , shipping ..etc.


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