Obtaining goods and services from overseas can reduce costs and improve the bottom line of your company but there are risks involved. In fact, an improperly handled business deal with a product source can lead to lost profits that in extreme cases could harm the company’s ability to operate.

Travel time and costs arranging and managing the product or service source can erode any or all cost savings. There may also be dangers to placing staff temporarily or permanently in foreign countries. There are also additional risks associated with doing business outside your normal business culture and environment. Do you know who to deal with and what to expect when talking to a potential sourcing partner in a Thailand? You don’t have to face these problems alone. THAIMID provides services and expertise to minimize these risks for your benefit.

THAIMID provides product sourcing project management services that help keep any sourcing project smooth and profitable.

Services vary depending on the needs of your company:

  • Understanding your needs & requirements
  • Locate providers
  • Negotiate rates and costs
  • Provide currency conversions
  • Monitor production and maintain quality
  • Arrange to have the goods delivered

All of these services require special skills most companies do not have on staff. By contracting with THAIMID, our experienced staff is at your disposal. Our efficiency and integrity are critical to the success of your company’s product sourcing efforts.

Need to talk to a sourcing professional?

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